• 2016 Bordwell Dola 6

    Guitar Still in new condition, recent issue Cliff Bordwell 6 string bass; killer custom made bass, plays unreal and sound amazing.
  • 1957 Gibson ES-175DN

    Guitar 1957 Blonde ES-175, 1st year for PAFs,100% original and very close to new looking - the pics don't do it justice. Beautiful original correct case in exceptional condition too. Other than a couple small marks on the top of the headstock - see pics - the guitar basically looks new, with the added bonus of the lacquer barely yellowing, so the wood looks very fresh and very close to the way it did the day it did leave the factory, and the binding has barely yellowed at all, so there's no unsightly contrast as we usually see ( seriously - the yellowed binding always looks great on sunburst Gibsons, on very new looking blondes, not so much.) And oh - by the way - the neck and neck set are perfect on this one, as are the frets, it's one of those '50's Gibsons that set up so amazingly well. Zero wear to the fingerboard and close to none on the frets. In 40 years I've only ever seen one or two others as nice. Detailed pics coming -
  • 1967 Fender Princeton Reverb

    Guitar Near mint condition and 100% original 1967 Fender Princeton Reverb Amp with original foot switch, cover and Jensen speaker. Sounds great - reverb is very smooth too.
  • 1960 Fender Champ model 5F1 8" speaker

    Guitar I shouldn't really call this near mint, but it's way beyond excellent, and that's the nearest descriptor available on Gbase, so, how about "near mint for an amp for it's age". Yeah. That's better. Sounds just as it should too, kills, actually. *Original cover in excellent condition included.
  • 1924 Steinway Model M Dark Mahogany *WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS.

    Guitar The best Steinway pianos were made in the '20's, this one was made in 1924. I've had it for many years, to the best of my knowledge it's in excellent condition. Local pickup only, WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS WILL TRADE FOR GUITARS.
  • Recent Rick 360-12 in brand new condition with case.

    Guitar Late model Rickenbacker 360-12 in brand new condition with original case.
  • 1992 PRS RB Custom 24 River Blue

    Guitar Gorgeous River Blue Custom 24 with birds and 10 top - really more like an 11 top - made in the original factory, looks brand new.
  • ~1934 Rickenbacher Ken Roberts

    Guitar Early - mid '30's Rickenbacher Ken Roberts model. This is the second electric spanish guitar. Or maybe not; there are several others known to exist, half a dozen anyway, so this then is one of the very small handful of these that were made, this quite possibly being the first of those, not long after the prototype in 1932. To be accurate, the brand name on the prototype was different, though it derives from the names of some of the same folks that became the Rickenbacher company, and it also wasn't as catchy a name; neither of which is nearly as important or interesting as the departure that these few guitars represent, from any previous concepts or attempts to electrify the guitar, and all that were to follow. To be fair, the significance of this guitar isn't nearly that of the prototype, which definitively marked a water shed moment in the direction and influence of the guitar on nearly all popular music forms. Then again, it is half the price..
  • 1964 Gibson J-45

    Guitar Another outstanding J-45, this one's from 1964 and is in extremely fine condition, with a brilliant cherry sunburst finish that has even more red in it than appears in the pics. 1 11/16" nut width and upgraded from the original plastic adjustable bridge & saddle to the far superior wood bridge and traditional saddle, which has about 900% more contact with the bottom of the slot that it's seated in, which some of these shipped with originally. A GREAT sounding J-45 in close to near mint condition.
  • 1944 Gibson Banner J-45

    Guitar Superlative & scarce 1944 Banner J-45 in exceptionally fine condition, rare original maple body and neck with spruce top. Hands down the best J-45 I've had the pleasure of playing, no doubt owing to the maple. Rare for '44, this one's got a truss rod - that's never been turned. Hard to say which is cleaner, the guitar or it's original hard shell case. This one's got it all boys, as good as it gets for a J-45. The maple back, sides and neck are unusual for Gibson, at least on flat tops. It's really only a few of their best known, top of the line models, like the J-200 ( other than the first 100, which were rosewood ) & Nick Lucas ( other than the less desirable versions ), that used maple for those components. Yup, just those. No others. Oh yeah - except for all of the greatest Gibson archtops ever made, that is; the L-5, Super 400, Byrdland, Johnny Smith, Citation, & Trini Lopez ( kidding ). But wait - weren't the '20's F-5s made of the same materials, including nearly all of the Loars? Point is, some folks look down on the small number of original Banner J-45s that were maple, which must suck for them; for the same reasons and in the same ways as all of these other Gibson instruments that used these same materials, the maple J-45s are exceptional guitars. You'll rarely find an early J-45 in this condition ( sorry about the reflections ), on top of the sound and playability of this one.
  • 50th Anniversary Firebird V

    Guitar Like new 50th anniversary Firebird V with original case, unsigned Warranty card. Very nice.
  • 1987 Gibson SG

    Guitar '87 / '61 reissue SG, excellent condition and Tim Shaw pickups. No issues, plays great, ships with hard shell case.
  • First Year Moderne Reissue

    Guitar 1982, so first year of production and also the time period when Tim Shaw pickups prevail. Black, too, and original case. These first reissues were Korina, just like the originals.
  • circa 1965 Hofner Beatle Basses

    Guitar Two circa 1965 Hofner Beatle Basses, two different looks for some reason, hopefully one appeals to you.
  • Gretsch 6120 with MASSIVE flame

    Guitar 2005 but still looking new, crazy figured maple!